Inside of every human being, there is a spark.
We ignite that spark.

Cultural Conclave

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

February 21, 2020

8:30am – 5:00pm


Moving from Race to Culture

Examining the Racialization of Whiteness as Cultural Amnesia

The Cultural Wellness Center invites you to a day of gathering for retreat, reflection, and deep connection. Participants will spend time looking into ourselves, getting to know each other, and discussing the leadership needed for a more equitable and inclusive Minnesota.

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From the Center:

  • 5th African Mental Health Summit

Register for the 5th African Mental Health Summit- July 11 & 12

Seeing the Past But Not Captured by It: The Need for Cultural Healing This Summit will feature important presentations that change the perpetuated narratives around race and mental health to transform how the recognition, acknowledgement,

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Our Impact:

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Our Stories:

The Rosa Parks Award and Bus Safety: The Cultural Wellness Center Navigation Model at Work

Cultural Wellness Center staff provide parent engagement, cultural education (such as African Drum and Dance, Rites of Passage, and Sports Science), educational navigation, and Elder coaching in four schools in the St. Paul Promise Neighborhood. In late

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