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Help us in our response to COVID-19


As the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold and the economic impact of job loss and social distancing worsen, the Cultural Wellness Center is here to support our community. During this uncertain time, we can be a resource to many individuals and families, particularly doubly at risk members in cultural communities and people with already pressing socioeconomic challenges in addition to our elders.

If you would like to help families in need, please consider a financial contribution to the Cultural Wellness Center. Then, we can distribute it to the people in our circle, individuals of all backgrounds.

Please note that we do not have staff resources or storage space to collect other types of donations. If you’d like to contribute by donating goods, please direct those to your local food shelf or other community partners.

The Latest Updates

From the Center:

  • Dreamland

Dreamland on 38th Street – Cultural Healing through Culinary Heritage

Serial entrepreneur and civil rights advocate Anthony Brutus Cassius knew the dreamers of his day needed a place to gather and plan, create and connect. Cassius first found that space at Foster’s Sweet Shop, where

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Our Impact:

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Our Stories:

  • Jamal Williams, Christian McCleary, Corey Byrd, Jamir Williams, DJ
Brooks, Trea Edwards, Sha-su Adili, Jaleel Simpson, Monte Moldonada, Jaron Major, Darrin Lofton,
Quadree Drakeford

Manhood Rites of Passage Ceremony Celebrates 15 Black Male Initiates

On Dec. 11, 2019, the Council for Black Male Success and the Cultural Wellness Center held a Manhood Rites of Passage ceremony at the Minnesota Historical Society. The men, who ranged from 11 to 27

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