Founded in 1996, the Cultural Wellness Center is one of the primary community and cultural knowledge-production organizations in the Twin Cities region. We are about people, from people, and for people. We partner with organizations, institutions, and people within communities to develop models to solve problems and create lasting solutions. Our People’s Theory of Sickness states that individualism, loss of culture, and loss of community, makes you sick. In many cases, this is at the core of the problems faced by people in communities.

Creating Connections

Our work is to unleash the power of citizens to heal themselves and to build community. Through work with individuals, communities, families, academic institutions, government agencies, philanthropists, and other non-profit organizations, we build a body of knowledge and web of relationships that support community engagement, intercultural communication, and personal responsibility. Our connections are used to help communities build their own capacity to address, resolve, and prevent the things that stand in the way of their health and wellness. Our connections also enable partner organizations and institutions to further develop an understanding of culture and community that strengthen their ability and effectiveness to work in and with community, achieving the most desirable outcome.

Building Community

Community and cultural knowledge are at the forefront of building community. The Cultural Wellness Center believes that culture is the glue for holding community together. All people have culture. When studied and valued, it becomes a powerful resource for community health and healing. In Cultural Wellness Center work, community is a unit of measure for health. One’s individual health is not separate from his community’s health. We work with community members to care of themselves and build up their kinship across culture and community. This builds community, improving the health of people within. This also ensures greater capacity to reconnect with culture and its natural support systems. This enables people to more effectively take control of their own health, build lasting partnerships, and more effectively utilize available resources. See our Philosophy of Community

Strengthening People

The Cultural Wellness Center helps people recognize and accept the wisdom within themselves and their communities by helping them tap into life-affirming ceremonies, rituals, practices, disciplines, and philosophies from personal cultural traditions. The Cultural Wellness Center inspires people to heal themselves and give back to their communities.