Our mission is to unleash the power of citizens to heal themselves and build community.

Through work with individuals, communities, families, academic institutions, government agencies, philanthropists, and other nonprofits we build a web of relationships that support community engagement, intercultural communication, and personal responsibility.

Community and cultural knowledge are at the forefront of our work.

We believe that everyone has a culture – and it is a powerful resource for health and healing. We reconnect community members to their culture and help them tap into life-affirming ceremonies, practices, disciplines and philosophies from their personal cultural traditions – and in doing so we help them make positive changes to improve their lives.

With the widening disparities in nearly all aspect of life – education, health care, transportation, housing and jobs – our community needs our support more than ever before.

We know that our expertise in community engagement and cultural interfacing can help institutions, government agencies and other nonprofits more effectively deliver the programs needed to close the gaps.

But we can’t help them without help from you.

Please help us expand our programs, classes and community engagement efforts so we can reach more people and have an even bigger impact..

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