The Cultural Wellness Center engages individuals from across the Twin Cities to help them overcome personal challenges by better understanding their culture and themselves. Individuals come to the Cultural Wellness Center for the following reasons:

  • They are facing crisis situations and need the guidance and support of the Cultural Wellness Center.
  • They are feeling isolated and disconnected to family and community.
  • They have a desire to know and understand their culture.
  • They want to learn an alternative way of viewing the world and getting things done
  • They need guidance and process for knowing and understanding themselves for the purpose of healing and moving beyond perceived limitations.

Helping people identify and move beyond their challenges

We offer cultural approaches that guide the individuals to create the knowledge that will allow them to resolve or move beyond their current situation – no matter what challenges they face.

Our use of cultural knowledge and awareness is a unique approach to healing, and there is no equivalent to it in the Twin Cities.

Below are aspects of our work with area residents:

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