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The Culture, Family and Learning Workgroup is facilitated by the Cultural Wellness Center.  The workgroup is centered in an African Knowledge System.  The CFL group is taking a cultural approach to community dialogues, community healing and community knowledge production.  At the Center of this process is culture.  In the case of the Culture, Family and Learning group, African Culture.

The group meets weekly at the Robert J. Jones Urban Research-Outreach Center at 2001 Plymouth Avenue North Minneapolis, MN 55411 on Mondays from 1pm to 3pm.  The Culture, Family and Learning group shares a process grounded in African knowledge and cultural practices, creating a pathway towards healing.  For more information contact Minkara Tezet at Minkara@culturalwellnesscenter.org.

Your truth is a message for the collective, not just for an individual truth.

Cultural Self-study Ceremonies

Each of our ceremonies is being created to address the deep longing within community to be heard in order for healing to take place. We are grateful you have joined us.  We invite you into this space of transformation to share your experiences, your truth, and to heal.  This ceremonial space is being created to address the deep longing within the Black Community to be heard in order for healing to take place.

The Culture, Family and Learning Workgroup of the Trauma Recovery Project realizes there is a deep woundedness within our community as a result of the generations of social brutality we have endured.  We recognize the strength it has taken for us to survive the death and torture of living within the United States. It is healing for us to examine what is needed to move forward as a community as we face the pain.

The aim of these ceremonies are to understand how culture is a resource when facing racialization and cultural disconnection. The mission is to learn lessons from the experiences we share in letting go of the residuals of paralyzing pain that comes with racialization as we move to learn to embrace and understand culture.

The vision for this work is to take our community from a place of violence to a place of peace. We realize as a collective that transformation is an inside out process as we discover how to live in peace; we must have peace together in order to have peace in our communities. Culture is resource which allows for peace to be realized.