Minkara Tezet, MS
Minkara Tezet, MSGriot of Psychology and Psychiatry
In his work as a Community Fellow, Minkara Tezet is focusing on cultural calling or work/vocation and on understanding the intra-cultural relationships and dynamics among Black people of African Heritage. Minkara believes that African culture is anchored in spirituality and that “spirituality is a personal relationship with the Divine (Seba Ahmed Azzahir).” The goal of Minkara’s fellowship is to create strategies for self-study of intra-cultural understanding specifically related to the spirit and of the impact spiritual development has on the concept of home.

Tezet holds a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from Augsburg College and a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy. Minkara’s mother Bernice Christopher encouraged him throughout his life to believe in the impossible; it is this belief combined with the idea that “if you can heal the African in America, you can heal the world” that drives Tezet in his work to heal African people. Minkara is also the father of two amazing children, Nala and Nia Ford, who are the reason for his intense desire to see changes in the world around him.

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