All of the Cultural Wellness Center’s activities—classes, workshops, events, and more—are developed by community members for community members as journeys toward health. Join others actively working to heal and strengthen them-selves and our community through workshops, trainings, mentorship, healing circles, community events and more.


The Cultural Wellness Center reconnects people to culture and communities, honoring life experiences and building communities where every person’s culture and knowledge is valued. Attend a cultural self-study meeting. Eat dinner with your neighbors in our offices. Reconnect to your culture and heritage as you plan a birth, navigate your children’s schools, build relationships with health care institutions, and more.


People do not learn how to engage; it is a natural state of being. We engage people in using culture as a resource for taking responsibility for their own health and well-being. Our goal is to ignite and inspire people to take action on their own behalf. We seek to cultivate confidence in people and pull from what is already inside of them, to help them birth their thoughts and activate their healing, transformational energy for themselves and their communities.