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Ramsey County and the Cultural Wellness Center of necessity have different and distinct philosophies of service to the community we serve together: Working toward understanding mutual and unique issues while articulating and melding those philosophies is an act of true partnership.
Patricia Brady, Director, Workforce Solutions, Ramsey County
Our Public Health Nutrition Program has greatly benefited from an ongoing rich relationship with the Cultural Wellness Center…Students have been deeply moved by the training and for many it has been transformative in the way they view culture and working with the communities for health promotion.
Mary Story, Ph.D., Professor, University of Minnesota School of Public Health
We simply don’t have a better partner in terms of the connection to the community, with insight into approaching this work, open and honest communication, and genuine sharing of responsibility. It’s been a delightful and productive partnership that has benefited hundreds of people in this community and one that we look forward to for many more years…
Mike Temali, President & CEO, Neighborhood Development Center