Our Partnership Work Involves:


We train our partners’ staff to interface with the community in a way that is understanding of the community’s different ways of perceiving and operating in the interactions that occur. This allow staff to conceive more effective approaches to reaching the goals of their community interactions. The end result in that our Institution partners increase their capacity to effectively work with and engage community, to serve their agenda, in a way that is not detrimental to the community or the people in it.

Convening Gatherings

We bring together community groups and institutions in a way that is culturally grounded and respectful of all the differences present in the same room. Too often a lack of understanding of different cultures completely disrupts the process and derails the purpose of coming together in the first place. The Cultural Wellness Center’s expertise in this area helps ensure high attendance, a conversation that progresses and a conclusion that achieves the desired results of both the institutions and the community.

Facilitating Dialogue

We facilitate dialogue and mediate conversations between two or more different cultures and across socioeconomic levels to ensure understanding and mutual respect. This enables people of different backgrounds to begin to develop the ways in which their interfacing can be mutually beneficial and complementary. Our facilitation method does not allow one culture or one socioeconomic class to dominate or undermine the other. Rather it demands that the value of both is respected and attempted to be understood in the context of working together.

Mediating Conflicts

It is common practice to attempt conflict resolution with no recognition of any cultural dimension of the situation. We help resolve conflicts by intervening and providing a perspective based in our cultural knowledge and experience. We bring the critical missing piece by surfacing the role of culture in the cause of the conflict and work with the parties to to create a resolution.

Problem Solving

We work with institutional leaders and staff to help them identify and understand culturally based community perspectives that they often do not know exist in a way that is collaborative and focused on the end goal of improving the health, education and economic opportunities in our community.