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Cultural Wellness Center Beyond the Challenge 2021

Dear Cultural Wellness Center Supporters,


Many of us have been around the Cultural Wellness Center for 25 years, others are new to our approaches, philosophies, and teachings. As I continue to study my experiences as a part of the community’s experiences and give over to the vision and call of this work, we’ve received so much. And we have each other to thank.



Yet, no matter where we are on our personal cultural wellness journey, we are part of a collective who believes that there’s a different way of being human, one that focuses on connectedness to each other and community.



As we enter 2022, I invite you to support the Cultural Wellness Center with culture, connections, and cash through an end-of-year donation. Your gift of any size advances our multifaceted work, which is grounded in health, heritage, and harmony. To see the people, practices, and joy of our work, please enjoy this 90-second video of highlights from 2021. Donations accepted at



Thank you for your commitment to the Cultural Wellness Center.



Hotep, I offer you much care and peace!


Elder Atum Azzahir


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