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Community Health Hub Classes & Activities

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The Backyard Community Health Hub classes focus on fun activities that can be done to improve one’s health. Form Walking to Stepping into Wellness, from Zumba to Biking, our classes offer an array of opportunities to improve well-being, while also providing the opportunity to speak with healthcare professionals about healthcare goals and have that progress monitored to ensure improvement.

Community Health Hub Monthly Activities:

  1. Dinner Dialogue on Diabetes: the 1st Thursday of every month
  2. Dinner Dialogue on Cardiovascular Health: the 3rd Thursday of every month
  3. Cycle of Life (part of the Dinner Dialogues and offered to the Culture Well participants)
  4. Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Drop In (part of the Dinner Dialogues)
  5. Natural Self Care (part of the Dinner Dialogues and offered to the Culture Well participants)

Community Health Hub Daily Activities:

  1. Walk Anytime: Guided walking provided by Staff of the BYCHH daily at 11:30 am and upon request, and Tuesday and Thursday by Rehti offered two times per day, at 10 am and 2 pm.

Community Health Hub Weekly Classes:

  1. Yoga: M, W, & Sat
  2. Zumba: M, W, & Sat
  3. Meditation and Sound Therapy: M, W, & Sat
  4. Stepping into Wellness: w/J. Most and Command Steppers: T and Thu
  5. Craniosacral: Wednesday Clinic by Appointment
  6. Reflexology: Saturday Clinic by Appointment
  7. Ask the Doctor/Did you Know: Volunteer Physicians from the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic and the University of Minnesota use a quiz format to test the community’s health knowledge and provide new information
  8. Culture Well Check-in: A specialized approach to health improvement with individuals who have self-identified themselves as having higher risk for negative health outcomes, so they are provided a greater level of support and are engaged in the 11 Health Dimensions through small group and one on one interaction with BYCHH Staff and Community Health Champions

Community Health Hub Outreach and Tabling Activities:

  1. Watch us Grow: Demonstrations by BYCHH youth on the growing techniques, vegetables, herbs, flowers, using the Midtown Global Market container garden, a partnership developed between the Midtown Global Market, the Cultural Wellness Center’s BYCHH and Allina Health to increase youth and community agricultural interest.
  2. Urban Farming: Farming moved to Independence Minnesota through a leasehold agreement on a 1 acre of land to provide a space for community members to increase access to low cost vegetables and community members learn and become certified organic growers.
  3. Seasonal Farmers’ Market: Selling produce grown by community members and the BYCHH youth
  4. Water Magic: Rethink your Drink, collecting community stories about water and promoting health beverage choices.

Community Health Hub Activities Coming Soon:

  1. Perinatal Health Educators Program
  2. Motion: Personalized Fitness Training (October during the Phase 4 roll-out)
  3. Healthy Cooking Demonstrations (Working with Vendors in the Midtown Global Market, and a Sampling of Culture Well participants which includes healthy menu items added by the vendors and demos outside of their shops for Market consumers to taste test the new items, Culture Well participants will be engaged in knowledge production, food science and nutrition, shopping, and how to prepare foods without compromising health, culture, and taste, then community members will demo center market their holiday dishes and offer taste testing to community and share their recipes. (September)
  4. Diabetes Prevention Program