Support the Cultural Wellness Center

Community Coaching

We serve our community through classes, coaching, consulting, and certifications for people, for families, for communities, and for organizations and institutions.

Service Detail

We are working to reinstate culturally-based health practices and culturally-based healing practices in communities, families, and individuals. We focus on restoring the value and relevance of our old traditions, knowledge, and views around the topic of health and healing.

Some specific aspects of Health Institute include:

  • Healing Circles: We convene circles of healing for families experiencing illness or loss.
  • Support for Pregnant Women: We are always available to pregnant women. Our on-staff doula will help to organize a birthing team and will support and meet with the family or expecting mother throughout the pregnancy. Our doula is available to be present at the birth, if that is what the expecting mother desires, and she will support the mother and family at the beginning stages of the baby’s life.
  • Cultural Ceremonies and Rituals: We help people to develop their cultural ceremonies and rituals for life events.