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The Backyard Community Health Hub (BYCHH), meeting community needs, in the community’s Midtown Global Market.  A program of the Cultural Wellness Center (CWC), officially launched late January of 2019.  The activities, events, connections have grown out of the mission and philosophy of our parent company, the Theory of Sickness, Self-Wellness Assessment, and the Map to Wellness, with the financial support from Allina Health, the continued partnership and support of the Backyard Community, 10 years of learnings from Backyard Initiative, and a new community needs assessment conducted in 2018.  The BYCHH is still tied to the Backyard’s community’s definition of health and the BYI’s health priorities, social support, social cohesion, health education, and health empowerment.

We set ourselves apart by keeping culture and community at the core of our programming, by engaging Community Health Champions to deliver our activities, of our offerings which respond to what residents requested in the 2018 survey of 1040 people in the backyard, and of our process which brings community members to the table as advisors.

Weekly activities

Walking for the Health of It-Weekdays
Yoga-M, W, & Sat
Zumba-M, W, & Sat.
Meditation & Sound Therapy-M, W & Sat
Stepping into Wellness w/J. Most T & TH
Massage Therapy-TH
Reflexive Performance Reset-T & Sat

Monthly activities

Dinner Dialogue on Diabetes
Dinner Dialogue on Cardiovascular Health
Cycles of Life
Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Drop In
Natural Self-Care
Culture Well Gatherings (Achieving Balance, Cultural Self-Study, and Financial Literacy)

  • 3,202 Participated in BYCHH Activities
  • 416 First Time Participants
  • 2,721 or 85% of the 3,202 Engage in BYCHH Health Activities at least 6 times per month
  • 672 or 21% of the 3,202 Engaged in BYCHH Health Activities at least 8 times per month
  • 1,473 or 46% of the 3,202 Engage in BYCHH Health Activities at least 12 times per month
  • 704 or 22% of the 3,202 Engage in BYCHH Health Activities at least 18 times per month
  • 288 or 9% of the 3,202 Engage in BYCHH Health Activities in all Health Activities offered monthly & Natural Self Care Activities and Community Gatherings through Culture Wells (A more specialized Service that includes Cultural Self Study, Achieving Balance, and Cultural Financial Literacy

In the first three months of 2019 we outpaced our expectations for participation and rapidly outgrew our current footprint. We doubled the number of classes for Yoga, Zumba, and Breathe (Meditation and Sound Therapy) and are now live streaming and uploading to YouTube which started in December 2019 and will continue in 2020 to expand our reach.

COVID-19: Our Classes are provided on-line and the demand has increased even beyond anticipated prior to the pandemic, visit the Backyard Community Health Hub Facebook Page for more information

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